Endorsements For San Diego County Attorney Tate Lounsbery

The following reviews and endorsements some of which are slightly edited copies of those found on Avvo, where Attorney Tate Lounsbery is rated as one of the top attorneys in El Cajon.

  • Tate Lounsbery is the real deal. He is everything you would want and expect in an attorney and surpasses any standard you could set. He is a very skilled and experienced trial attorney. He exceeded my expectations. Even now as I look back I feel very fortunate. If you’re going to trial you definitely want him. Besides his ability, he is a hard worker. Not only did I appreciate his ability as an attorney, I was even more impressed with his professionalism with everyone. He maintained his professionalism and was always friendly. He was very reasonable and I cannot say enough about him not only as an attorney but also that he is a remarkable person.
  • Tate is a very friendly person. He knows the law very well and fights for his clients!
  • Tate is an extremely smart attorney who has great experience and skill in defending criminal cases. He is a true professional who treats his clients with respect. Tate can be counted to fight for the best possible outcome for his clients.
  • Tate is a spectacular attorney. His aggressiveness and talent combined make him extremely powerful in the courtroom.
  • Tate Lounsbery was very knowledgeable about the entire CACI system. When I met with him, he was very professional, courteous, and laid out a very detailed plan of approach in dealing with the removal request of my name from the CACI list. He was convincing and knowledgeable enough to the San Diego Health and Human Services “Child Protective Services” agency during the initial attorney/agency meeting regarding my situation that during the preliminary internal review, the “Agency” decided that my case was “Unfounded”. I never had to go before the panel for the “Grievance Hearing”. I realize that this is not always the case or result in every situation, but I really appreciate his efforts and am eternally grateful. Thanks so much Tate, you were stellar.
  • Tate Lounsbery is an excellent and aggressive lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and he has a well-respected reputation in the legal community. Tate maintains the highest ethical integrity while zealously advocating for his clients. I am personally familiar with his work and I know that he always fights for the best interests of his clients.
  • Attorney Tate Lounsbery is an excellent criminal lawyer. Tate is someone I would recommend to anybody in need of stellar legal services.
  • Tate is an extremely bright individual who has tremendous knowledge in so many areas of practice. I would highly recommend him without any second thoughts or hesitation.
  • Tate is an exceptionally bright attorney who pays a great amount of attention to his cases for his clients. His knowledge and experience make him a wonderful choice for an attorney.
  • Tate is very friendly and relaxed and kept me well informed of my situation as well as his plan to fight the charge against me. Whereas other lawyers I spoke to try to get their cases reduced, Tate felt confident we could get this case dismissed and sure enough, his expertise resulted in a dismissal of my case.
  • Anyone who is currently under 21 and received a Minor in Possession infraction/misdemeanor for alcohol should give Tate a call. I am currently 19 years old and received and MIP in San Diego holding a can of beer. The biggest issue that was on my mind was keeping my license. I gave Tate a call and he talked to me professionally but not in a condescending way. If you are looking for a nice down to earth lawyer that will handle everything and save your license, I recommend Tate.
  • Tate Lounsbery is an excellent choice to represent you in your criminal case. Responsive, intelligent, and down to earth. Needless to say, when you are accused of crimes, you can find yourself absorbed in anxieties pertaining to your case. At every turn, Tate was available to answer concerns, inform me of my rights, and represent me in a manner which exceeded my expectations. Through Tate’s experience as a qualified attorney, he was able to get the three charges against me dismissed. This outcome exceeded my expectations and I would use Tate again if I ever found myself in need of an excellent attorney ever again.
  • It is with pleasure I endorse the work of Tate Lounsbery as a Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego County. Tate’s knowledge of the law and familiarity with local San Diego Courts make him a valuable asset to his clients in their time of need.
  • Tate, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work!
  • Thank-you for doing what you do to help people through the legal system…You did a great job at it.